Monday, March 6, 2017

Prelude to a Tweet

Prelude to a Tweet
Prelude to a Tweet art installation at Max Gallery Baltimore Maryland through April 1, 2017.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Robert F X Giroux and Pat Dennis The Big Show Exhibit

Works exhibited, on video, include Ghost Server Dance Shirt by Robert F.X. Giroux and Portrait of Ritchie Havens by Pat Dennis.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Pat Dennis

Pat Dennis Giroux
Rumi  72" X 68" Oil on Canvas

MAXgallery Presents: Dissolution & Transformation - an Artscape Gallery Network Exhibition
OPENING RECEPTION: Thursday, June 26, 2014   5 - 8 pm  
CLOSING RECEPTION: Thursday, July 31  5 - 8 pm  
GALLERY Hours:  Thursday 6 - 9 pm & Saturdays 11 - 6  126 N. Maderia Street, Baltimore, MD  21231  410-804-7459
Creation arises from the dissolving of forms and concepts. The artwork in this exhibition represents the dissolving of contemporary beliefs though a diverse array of subject matter. Dissolution of belief establishes the foundation for Transformation. This exhibit establishes the strong correlation of end to its counterpart, beginning. This forges an alternative way of seeing for the viewer. 
Participating Artists (* denotes Sondheim applicants)  

Kini Collins Jessica, Damen Megin, Diamond Michelle Dickson*, Annie Farrar*,Cianne Fragione*, Pat Dennis, Artemis Herber*, Daniel Herman, LaToya Hobbs*,Ruth Pettus*, Maxine Taylor*, Sandra Wasko-Flood
Contact Maxine Taylor for information:
Curated by Maxine Taylor, Jessica Damen and Pat Dennis Giroux. It features regional artist and Sondheim prize applications. In addition to opening and closing receptions, there will be weekly artist talks during the exhibit, on Thursdays from 7 - 8 pm. All events are free to the public.
Pat Dennis Giroux
Pat Dennis
Entangled Obsessions  at MAX gallery
March 19 - April 18, 2015

Entangled Obsessions  at MAX gallery
March 19 - April 18, 2015

Artworks by Annie Farrar, Bridget Z. Sullivan, Jessica Damen, Lyndie Vantine, Mary Walker, Maxine Taylor, Osvaldo Mesa, Pat Dennis , Ricardo Hoegg, & Sandra Wasko-Flood.

About Entangled Obsessions
Any artist is by definition ‘obsessive’ about something in their work. The art and artists in Entangled Obsessions will address artists’ fascinations, worries, fears, myth making, or journeys of resolution. 
Opening Reception
Thursday, March 19, 2015, 6 – 8 pm
Closing Reception 
Saturday, April 18, 2015, 2-4 pm
Gallery Hours
Thursday – Saturday 2 -6 pm
and by appointment 
126 N. Madeira Street,
Baltimore, MD 21231